The Wedding Photography Style

I consider my wedding photography style to be distinct and unique. What sets me apart from my competitors is my ability to combine and juggle 3 different styles (classic, photojournalism, and fine art) and implementing them all throughout the wedding day.

Classic images are striking, gorgeous and formal. These photos reflect reality, but are infused with the photographer’s creativity. There are more formals and posing is an underlining theme.
A documentary-like informal and reality based style in which the photographer lets the day unfold naturally and captures the perfect moments through careful anticipation; Typically from a distance, so not to be noticed or intrusive.
Fine Art
A style in which creative lighting (natural and/or off camera flash), artistic angles and distinctive compositions are employed to create imagery with a convincing artistic flare. Shots are focused to produce dramatic images with high visual impact. The photos end up having a very high-end feel.

Having a mixed wedding photography style brings the best of 3 worlds together. It’s like having 3 different photographers in 1. It’s also not easy, but implementing these styles captures the essence of the day with beautiful moments, incredible images, and memories to cherish forever. And that’s what I love to do!

My optimal choice of colors is to stick to vibrant, vivid and dramatic images for two simple reasons: One, it looks beautiful, rich, exciting and appealing. It has a distinctive *pop* to the imagery. Two, it is a timeless color style that never really gets old. I like to capture as many emotional moments as possible because I believe it is one of the most important parts of wedding photography. Anyone can pick up a camera and direct you to pose, but being able to see moments unfold and quickly capturing them takes a level of skill and execution. My goal is to create an atmosphere in which my clients would feel completely open and relaxed, and in essence give more room for those natural emotions to surface. I strive to create the most stunning, emotionally filled, beautiful wedding images that would last a lifetime. I pay special attention to details, the colors, my subject(s) and the background because each one of these contributes to a creative and striking picture. I aim to tell a story with my images that will bring back the feelings you had on your wedding day.