The Wedding Photography Equipment

  • my-camera

    My Cameras

    Nikon D750 x2

    I absolutely love this camera! It delivers at 100%. It was dubbed as camera of the year in 2014 because it is THAT good! And has also been reviewed by many acclaimed professional wedding photographers as the best camera for wedding photography. I’d have to agree .The dynamic range is insanely good! It is also one of the best low light performing cameras to date. I shoot with 2 of these at my sides.
  • my-lenses

    My Lenses

    Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 VC SP

    The best ultra-wide lens available! It just blows its competition out of the water, AND it has vibration compensation! Used for specific ultra wide shots.

    Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 VC SP

    This is an incredible versatile lens that allows me to capture a very useful focal length. The vibration compensation on this lens is superb, allowing me to get really sharp images. Focus and sharpness is top notch! This lens gets used sporadically throughout the day.

    Nikon 70-200mm f2.8E (VRIII)

    *My favorite lens* This is the latest and greatest 70-200mm lens EVER made. The color saturation, the vibration reduction, the sharpness, and the resolution are just off the charts! Autofocus is also super fast and accurate. This is my go-to portrait lens and the perfect telephoto lens for the ceremony and reception.

    Nikon 35mm f2D

    Absolutely amazing color rendition! Love this lens because it’s really small, and gives off a field of view close to what the eyes see. Gets used in the morning and in lower light situations, as well as group shots.

    Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art

    Ultra sharp, great color rendition, solid, and a stellar low light performer. Rated as the best 50mm lens. And I love it! Fantastic all around lens with a very useful focal length. Used mainly in the morning and in low light situations.

    Nikon 85mm 1.8G

    One of the loveliest portrait lenses! Handles very well and has fantastic bokeh (background blur). Colors are warm and vibrant. Used primarily during morning prep, portraits, and low light situations.

    Tokina 100mm f2.8D Macro AT-X Pro

    My little gem, that takes amazing pictures of rings, jewelry and various details. Comes out of my bag only for those uses.

    Nikon 135mm f2.8 AIS

    One of the loveliest portrait lenses! Handles very well and has fantastic bokeh (background blur). Colors are warm and vibrant. Used primarily during morning prep, portraits, and low light situations.

    Nikon 180mm f2.8ED AIS

    Also a vintage lens, and also has stellar optics. Creates beautiful background blur and subject isolation. A unique lens that delivers!
  • my-lighting

    My Lighting

    Nikon SB-800 x2

    Very reliable and awesome performing flashes. When I need on camera flash, I usually pop one of these on. The other is either used as backup or as another light in more creative situations.

    Cactus RF60 x2

    This is an extremely useful off camera manual flash that I use constantly. It has a built in wireless receiver and triggers reliably. Used primarily indoors for group shots and the reception.

    Godox AD360II

    A seriously capable, powerful and portable strobe light. Has High Speed Sync, TTL and a built in wireless receiver. Allows me to overpower the sun when necessary, and get those dramatic fine-art images. Produces great quality light and has always been reliable.

    ElinchromRotalux39” Deep OctaBox

    This light modifier is large yet very portable. It is the best in its class because it gives off the most amazing light! A hefty price tag for a Swiss made light modifier; but it has proven it’s worth time and time again. It basically lives on my bigger strobe.

    Flash Disc x2

    One of the smartest/portable/awesome flash diffusers on the market! Diffuses light really well, and is extremely useful/portable. They get a lot of use with my cactus manual flashes.

    Medium Softbox

    A great light modifier that gets the job done. Use it when I need a little more portability but also diffused soft light.

    Medium Umbrellas

    Creates a soft spread of light and they’re easy to set up. Great use for studio portraits, large group portraits and photo booths.
  • honorable-mentions

    Honorable Mentions

    Spider Holster Pro Duel Camera

    By far the best and most comfortable camera strap system I have ever used. And I’ve used the black rapid, the black rapid duel, etc. This is the most minimalistic, yet functional system available for professional DSLR’s and heavy lenses. I use it on every shoot.

    Yongnuo Professional LED Video Light

    Awesome little light! My go to light for wedding rings and jewelry photography. Powerful, adjustable, and convenient, yet it does not sacrifice on quality. Love this light.

    Kupo 40” C-Stand

    VERY heavy stand, so you can rest assured it will not tip over. (Unless there is heavy wind and you’ve got a large light modifier). It’s got a turtle base for quick storage/setup. It’s a very solid build, and a stand that’ll literally last you a century.
  • my-computer

    My Computer & Software

    iMac 27” 5k 4.0ghz i7

    A glorious monitor for glorious pictures! This machine is beautiful! The performance is superb, and the 5k monitor is breathtaking!Editing pictures on this machine brings back the fun because they look so spectacular! And the retina display seems much easier on the eyes.

    Adobe Lightroom CC (latest version)

    This is the software that I use to edit about 95% of all my wedding images. It’s fast, smooth, has a very great workflow and just gets the job done well. It has just about every option I need for editing wedding pictures.

    Adobe Photoshop CC (latest version)

    This program is very feature packed. It can literally do anything and everything you’ll ever want to do with a photo. I use it for specific purposes when Lightroomjust isn’t enough. When special touch-ups are necessary, this is my go to program.

    Final Cut Pro X (latest version)

    An incredible video editing software that is reliable, performs well, and is easy to master. I use it to create wedding highlight videos. It’s never let me down.